Verso Nikà

  • Esther Flückiger - LUMINESCENCE

    Kammermusik und Klaviermusik von Esther Flückiger

    Hier finden Sie zwei Hörbeispiele aus dem Album LUMINESCENCE von Esther Flückiger:



  • Esther Flückiger - Verso Nikà

    Esther Flückiger - Klavier, Elektronik, Klangskulpturen, Muschelhorn
    Alle Kompositionen von Esther Flückiger


  • Esther Flückiger - Verso Nikà

    Esther Flückiger - piano, electronics, sound sculptures, seashell horn
    All compositions by Esther Flückiger


  • Esther Flückiger - Verso Nikà

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    Hier finden Sie zwei Hörbeispiele aus dem Album Verso Nikà von Esther Flückiger:



  • Flückiger, Esther

    Esther Flückiger
    Pianist - Composer - Improviser

    2. Esther KS

    Esther Flückigeris a pianist (classical, contemporary music, crossover) improviser and composer. Her creative ideas are unlimited and she is continuously experimenting new musical directions and emotional music challenges, avoiding previous musical paths. She focuses on the interpretation of contemporary and traditional music, free improvisation and electronic music. She plays with different stylistic directions both solo and in ensemble. She has put on concerts in Europe, America, Russia, Asia and South America, taking part in traditional and contemporary music festivals and as a soloist with orchestra. As a composer she wrote and got commissions for works for different kinds of instruments, for music theatre and films. She has also created many multimedia projects producing her own films (camera/editing) and getting both public and printing review success. One of them is “Cosmo” (The 4 elements in Leonardo da Vinci’s universo), a project for the EXPO 2015 in Milan at the Franco Parenti Theatre. She has recorded a number of CDs for record labels such as Nuova Era, Pentaphon, Altrisuoni, Leorecords and more. In addition, she has participated in television and radio programmes in Switzerland and Italy. Esther Flückiger is the founder of Suonodonne Italia. From 2002 till 2008 she represented Europe as an executive member of the IAWM (International Alliance for Women in Music), USA. The book “Esther Flückiger – A proposito di Lei” by Iaia Gagliani provides an insight into her work as a musician in word and picture.

    PV103 cover PV104 cover


    Album PV 103 / Esther Flückiger - Verso Nikà (2019)
    Album PV 104 / Esther Flückiger - LUMINESCENCE / Esther Flückiger & Friends

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  • NEU ERSCHIENEN! Verso Nikà von Esther Flückiger

    Das neue Album ist da! PIANOVERSAL widmet 2019 gleich zwei Alben der in Mailand lebenden Schweizer Komponistin, Pianistin und Improvisatorin Esther Flückiger. In «Verso Nikà» für Klavier, Elektronik, Klangskulpturen und Muschelhorn lotet Flückiger das Thema der Migration aus. «Verso Nikà» entstand für das gleichnamige Projekt von Esther Flückiger mit den Künstlerinnen Karin Eggers und Susana Talayero für Aufführungen im Sommer 2018 auf der Insel Pantelleria im sizilianischen Meereskanal.

  • OUT NOW! Verso Nikà by Esther Flückiger

    In 2019 PIANOVERSAL dedicates two albums to the Swiss composer, pianist and improviser Esther Flückiger, who lives in Milan. In "Verso Nikà" for piano, electronics, sound sculptures and shell horn, Flückiger explores the theme of migration. "Verso Nikà" was created for the project with the same name by Esther Flückiger with the artists Karin Eggers and Susana Talayero for performances in the summer of 2018 on the island of Pantelleria in the Sicilian Sea.

  • Verso Nikà

    Words become music with the sounds of the surrounding nature: an immense communication between thought and freedom, a journey that reflects the tragic situation of migration between the two continents.

    PIANOVERSAL is pleased to announce that our next production will be dedicated to this magnificent work of art by Esther Flückiger. All the VERSO NIKÀ music was recorded in the studio for PIANOVERSAL by Esther Flückiger (piano, electronics, sound sculptures, seashell horn). The album will be released in June 2019. Watch the documentary film about the project in Pantelleria (in Italian language) and find more information by continuing reading.

  • Verso Nikà

    Wörter werden zu Musik mit den Klängen der umgebenden Natur: eine immense Verbindung zwischen Denken und Freiheit, eine Reise, welche die tragische Situation der Migration zwischen den beiden Kontinenten reflektiert.

    PIANOVERSAL freut sich, unsere nächste Produktion "Verso Nikà" zu widmen, einem grossartigen Gesamtkunstwerk von Esther Flückiger. Esther Flückiger hat für PIANOVERSAL ihre sämtlichen Kompositionen von Verso Nikà im Studio aufgenommen (mit Klavier, Elektronik, Klangskulpturen, Muschelhorn). Das Album wird im Juni 2019 erscheinen. Hier geht es zum Dokumentarfilm und zu weiteren Informationen über das Projekt in Pantelleria.


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