Henri Dutilleux

22.01.1916 Angers - 22.05.2013 Paris

"Le travail de composition est quelque chose de très secret."  - "The act of composing is very secret."
Henri Dutilleux
(ciatation: Interview about his wife Geneviève Joy; source: www.ina.fr)

Henri Dutilleux is one of the most important French composers of the second half of the 20th century. His early music is characterized by a still neoclassical playfulness and lightness, while his later works convey a deep richness in sound imagination. Among his most important compositions for piano are his early Piano Sonata (1948) premiered by his wife, the great pianist Geneviève Joy, the 3 major Préludes (1973/77/88) and "Figures de Résonances" (1970) for 2 pianos. Probably the most frequently played chamber music work is his virtuoso Sonatine for flute and piano (1943).

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 PIANOVERSAL listening tips: Henri Dutilleux


Sonate pour piano (1948)
Geneviève Joy - piano (1958)


Figures de Résonance (1970)
Geneviève Joy & Henri Dutilleux - piano



Au Gré des Ondes (1946)
Vincent Mussat - piano



3 Préudes (1973/77/88) 
D’ombre et de silence - 1973
Sur un même accord - 1977
Le jeu des contraires - 1988

Maroussia Gentet - piano



Sonatine pour flûte et piano (1943)
Emanuel Pahud - flute & Eric Le Sage - piano



Recordings of the complete works for piano solo:

Anne Queffélec - piano
2012 EMI Records




John Chen - piano
Naxos 2007



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