Grażyna Bacewicz

05.02.1907 Łódź - 17.01.1969 Warszawa

Grażyna Bacewicz was a remarkable and impressive composer. While she was a trained violinist and conductor, she was also an excellent pianist, as she played the premiere of her 2nd piano sonata herself. Bacewicz has always underlined her independence in her composing. Her changes in style, which she carried out in the course of her life, are remarkable, as the comparison of her Piano Concerto of 1949 with her Concerto for 2 Pianos from 1966 illustrates, a fact which she also describes herself:

"I divide my music into three periods – (1) youth – very experimental, (2) – inappropriately called here neo-classical and being really atonal, and (3) the period in which I’m still located. I arrived at this period by way of evolution (not revolution)." 1969
(source: Polish Music Center

In Bacewicz's piano music, in addition to the piano concertos mentioned above, the 10 Concert Studies (1956) and the 2nd Piano Sonata are among the highlights, in her chamber music also the two wonderful Piano Quintets (1952 & 1965) and numerous works for violin and piano.

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"I walk quite alone, because I mainly care about the form in my compositions. It is because I believe that if you place things randomly or throw rocks on a pile, that pile will always collapse. So in music there must be rules of construction that will allow the work to stand on its feet. Naturally, the laws need not be old – God forbid. The music may be simpler or more constructed – it’s unimportant, it depends on the language of a particular composer – but it must be well constructed."

[Letter to Vytautas Bacevicius, 21 March 1947]
Quelle: Polish Music Center

Piano Concerto (1949)

Pianist : Magdalena Grzelak Dir : Mieczysław Nowakowski, orchestra unknown


Piano Sonata No. 2 (1953)

Magdalena Baczewska, piano Live in Recital, New York City 2003


Piano Quintet No.1 (1952)

Silesian Quartet
Wiaczeslav Nowikow, piano


Humoreske (1953)

Piotr Plawner - violin, Ewa Kupiec - piano


Concerto for two pianos and orchestra (1966)

Jerzy Maksymiuk, Jerzy Witkowski - pianos,
National Philharmonic Orchestra (Warsaw); Witold Rowicki - cond.


Oberek (1949)

Violin: Grażyna Bacewicz
Piano: Kiejstut Bacewicz (Grażyna's brother)


Ten Concert Etudes for piano (1956)

Ewa Kupiec, pianoforte

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