16 April 1893 Barcelona – 30 June 1987 Barcelona

"In reality, my music is the least "composed" music in the world. Ideas usually come to me when I'm distracted, much more often than when I concentrate."

"I live in the solitude of the great cities. I need the city".
Federico Mompou

The pianist and composer Federico Mompou wrote a great and unique oeuvre for piano. He himself described the 4 volumes of his "Música Callada" (1959-1967) as the work that most clearly corresponds to his musical ideas.


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11 April 1916  Buenos Aires - 25 June 1983 Genève

Alberto Ginastera left behind many great works for piano and two piano concertos. His 1st Piano Concerto (1961) became famous not least through a rock adaptation of "Emerson, Lake and Palmer". Ginastera's intensive contact with Aaron Copland is also remarkable. It resulted in the composition of the "Doce preludios americanos" (1944).

Ginastera stands for a musical synthesis of South American and European music culture.


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*6.10.1959, Bern

The composer, pianist and improviser Esther Flückiger often expands her piano works with electronics, preparations or additional instruments, in recent years for example with the Hang, a percussion instrument, which she masters perfectly.

Each composition of Flückiger reveals its own imaginative and energetic cosmos and beauty.

Listen to Esther Flückiger's music, enjoy the PIANOVERSAL listening tips!

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b. 21 June 1899 in Brno -  d. 18 october 1944 in Auschwitz-Birkenau

Unfortunately the "Variations for piano and orchestra" composed by Pavel Haas in Theresienstadt in 1944 are lost. Only his piano suite Op.13 and a few smaller piano pieces, songs and some chamber music sompositions are preserved. Two beautiful song cycles are particularly noteworthy: the "7 folk songs" and the late cycle "4 songs based on Chinese poetry". Very popular and often performed is his “Suite for oboe and piano” (1939).


Discover Pavel Haas' compositions and enjoy the PIANOVERSAL listening tips!

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